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I live in Hampshire im 45 years old married with two wonderful boys,i love card making and a bit of scrapbooking im very much into bon jovi :-) xxx i have also just picked up photograpy which i loved back in school so you may see some of my pics on here

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Wednesday, 9 July 2008



New Award
I've received a award & would like to thank ann for very kindly passing it onto me as it's very much appreciated!! the link to her blog is in my sidebar. Thank you ann!!!Now the rules are that you display the logo on your blog, provide links to peeps who awarded it to you & then nominate another 7 people for the award & let them know on their blog. I nominate:


Claireabelle said...

Thanks for the award Fran, it really cheered me up!!

mommabear said...

Thank you for the award Fran it is apreciatedliulz

ju said...

Thank you Fran. I really appreciate it!